Our vision

Becoming a specialist in any given subject is merely a matter of rational behavior. Thorough technical knowledge about your own products, an understanding of your market and their specific demands; all this is indispensable. However, having the right people who know the right things at your disposal is not enough. What you also need in order to become a specialist is experience – and the mental capacity to evaluate this experience time and again. Companies that serve a versatile market are able to use the experience they gain along the way in order to solve future challenges.

We call this process adaptive thinking. Processing our knowledge and experience every day helped us to become what we are today: the most creative engineer in heat transfer that you will find anywhere around the globe.

Our way of working

Every process starts with a problem – possibly yours. First we analyze your problem and then we get back to you with our version of your problem, together with the solution we have in mind. If you like our solution, we start playing with the details, we do our calculations, we incorporate the conditions you specify, and of course you want to know how much it will cost you. We make sure that you get exactly the construction company that you need, while we remain responsible. When the installation is ready for assembly in your factory, we supervise the complete implementation until the final tests have been performed. Of course, we offer to take care of maintenance for you, varying from normal checkups and servicing to complete refurbishment of an installation.

Four reasons to get acquainted


We understand your business like we understand ours


We adapt innovation to match your practice

Optimal results

100 procent process guarantee

Global network

We know your neighbors too

Why we know our business inside out

We understand more than average about heat transfer solutions. And we know the field you’re operating in as well. Our main market consists of customers who have questions the competition can’t answer. We don’t make our profit by selling hardware; we sell solutions. The core of our work is your problem and the best way we can solve it. The only goal in every single case is the best-performing solution for the best conceivable price. Kapp operates successfully in almost every industry in almost every corner of the world. This gives us more than a bit of authority and self-assurance on the subject. So if we can be a pain in your neck, we won’t think twice.

Creative solutions

The technology of transferring heat is as well-developed and straightforward as that of a windshield-wiper. That doesn’t stop us from defining and refining new and innovating state-of-the-art approaches. The constant challenge is never to stop optimizing a century-old procedure. Technicians tend to be somewhat conservative in their line of thinking. We approach every demand with thorough knowledge and creative thinking. Ten times out of ten, we have different suggestions to those the customer expected us to come up with initially. Which means that if you do business with us, you don’t get what you want; you get what you need.

Heat Transfer Engineers

Kapp is among the best and most innovative engineering agencies in the branch of heat transfer. The knowledge we have of the industry and its diversity allows us to go further than anyone else. Not only do we design and plan your heat transfer solution, we also take care of the total production, construction and maintenance of the installation. To do so, we have the best network of specialists and producers of components worldwide.

The solutions we provide will fit your specifications better than what you’ve asked for; they will be up and running in less time than you would have expected; and nine times out of ten our solutions will cost you less money. That makes us the best in our business. So call us right now and get acquainted.

Our team

  • Tjark de Lange

    General Manager

    Tjark used to be a maritime officer before he set foot in the heat transfer business. It is typical for his straightforward approach of things. During the last decade, Tjark has been busy creating his business, with a superb team of specialists and a network of suppliers around him.

  • Marie-Louise Nijsten

    Office Manager

    Marie-Louise is the one and only on whom the team totally relies. She has firm and professional grip on the financial administration of our projects and our company and she runs a well-kept and busy office.

  • Gerard van de Graaf

    Manager Netherlands

    Thanks to his experience as a project manager in the chemical and petro-chemical industry, Gerard is the right guy to scrutinize and implement new projects into your organization.

  • Jan Lodewijckx

    Area manager Belux

    Jan is the personification of the business. Born inside a family of machine constructors, his practical knowledge is second to none. A technical commercial education helped him to become Kapp's representative in Belgium and Luxemburg.

  • Bart van der Meer

    Marketing & Communication

    Due to his background in marketing, he's the right person to keep Kapp visible and findable - online and offline. Besides marketing he is also your contact for brazed heat exchangers.

  • Eline Kriesels

    Sales assistant

    Eline is a dedicated ambassador of Kapp and a great help to all of her colleagues . Her responsibilities range from administration to organizing trade shows or other events, from order handling to final documentation for small and large projects. She is well informed about our projects and products and gets you to the right person inside the company in a flash.

  • Marco van Wijngaarden

    Calculation Engineer

    Marco is the perfect calculation engineer for any 'food'- related project. Chemical Technology seems a strange background for a guy like Marco, but it makes him perfect for this complicated market.

  • Bob Woudenberg

    Calculation Engineer

    Mechanical Engineering is the background from which Bob came to work for engineering companies in different fields of work. As a result, he now has the right know-how to tackle thermal issues. The bigger the challenge the process industry sets him, the faster his mathematical brain whirrs.

  • Reinier Algera

    Calculation Engineer

    As a marine engineer who also trained in Energy Technology, Reinier is at home in all conceivable energy systems. Whether the systems in question are gas or pneumatic and whether they are being used in the process or oil industry, he unerringly calculates what is required and presents the optimum solution. One phase transition more or less is no problem for him.

  • Gertjan van Oost

    Project Engineer

    Our colleague Gertjan is a super organizer and inspector in one. His experience as a Project Manager in different technical companies makes him the right guy in the right place. His intelligence and organisational drift will contribute to a smooth and well-coordinated execution of our projects.

  • Ray Nahar

    Project Engineer

    Ray has years of experience in project handling and service in both the Shipping Industry as well as the Oil & Gas Industry. This makes Ray the perfect fit for complex projects where his communications skills are essential to match the demands from our customers to the production of our factories to ensure perfect quality and to keep the agreed delivery time.

  • Olav Groos

    Quality Manager

    Olav is the man in the machine. His practical technical background makes him perfect for expediting, troubleshooting, and delivering after sales service