Heat Transfer Engineers

Are you wondering why we call ourselves Heat Transfer Engineers? We don’t build heat exchangers and we don’t just deliver a heat exchanger. We provide you with a solution. We understand more than average about heat transfer solutions. And we know the field you’re operating too. That’s why we can go the extra mile when it comes to heat transfer.

The technology of transferring heat is as well-developed and straightforward, just like a windshield-wiper. That doesn’t stop us from defining and refining new and innovating state-of-the-art approaches. It’s not the heat exchanger itself that’s innovative… it’s the way you use it. And that is exactly how we make the difference.

We’re not depending on one type of heat exchanger. Strong collaborations with several manufactures are the base of our philosophy. You don’t get what you want; you get what you need. We’re always able to provide you with the best possible solution. Not only do we design and plan your heat transfer solution, we also take care of the total production, construction and transport of the installation.

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There are two arguments why we should try and save energy as much as we can.


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