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Transport of heat exchangers and spare parts to South America

Here you can see a collection of Kelvion plate heat exchangers and spare parts, ready to be packaged seaworthy. We then ship the heat exchangers and plate packages in 2, 40-foot containers to Chile. The total order comprises 8 heat exchangers and accompanying spare plates and weighs more than 20 000 kg. We confidently handed the shipment over for delivery to Fladderak, which takes care of the packaging and transport by ship, for Kapp.

Because the order is shipped as a whole, to Chile, strict packaging requirements apply. Seaworthy packaging means that the crates, boxes, bags, etc. must be able to withstand a long sea journey and intermediate loading and unloading. For this it is important that the heat exchangers and parts cannot slide or fall over. All parts from this order were first packed in a kind of sealed pillow pouch, which also protects them against (possibly extreme) weather influences at sea. Then a wooden box was hammered around them. The wooden boxes were then shipped to Chile in two, 40-foot containers.

Our projects all start out with a challenge, possibly yours. Our work is to analyse this problem. Then we return with our version of the problem, and the solution we have in mind. Our goal, with every project, is to select the most suitable heat exchanger, for the best imaginable price. With this philosophy, Kapp supplies its heat exchangers in almost every industrial sector, in every corner of the world. This time it is for a food industry company in Chile.

The final delivery is scheduled for the 4th quarter of 2020. The exchangers will be installed and put into operation before the end of the year.