Oil & Gas!

For over halve a century we’ve extracted oil and gas in The Netherlands. The supplies are not unlimited. That’s why the whole world is searching for sustainable alternatives. For the coming years there still is demand for oil and gas though. A skid builder for offshore applications approached Kapp. Their quest: a compact heat-exchanger, as space on their offshore platforms is tight.

The process
Oil and gas can be extracted in different ways. To retrieve these valuable fossil fuels, our client uses FPSO’s and offshore platforms. The underground caverns where oil and gas is found, are called reservoirs. Depending on the kind of reservoir an extraction method is chosen. Because oil and gas is mainly situated deep beneath the surface, a hole is drilled to reach the reservoir. First a test drill is executed, to check the oil or gas quality and to check if the reservoir might be profitable.

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To retrieve these valuable fossil fuels, our client uses FPSO’s and offshore platform.

The project
Freshly extracted gas usually contains some amount of water. Drying is essential before further processing. This is often done in an amine or glycol process. The heat exchangers from Kapp are important items in the drying process. Our client, and the oil- and gas industry in general, set strict quality and safety requirements for all its installations and processes. Safety for people and planet… and of course for economical purpose. Our client has an excellent spatial understanding. Their ability to design and build a complete installation in a container, using every mm2, is amazing. Therefore, the client required a very compact heat exchanger, with enough capacity to comply with its duty.

The choice
The Vahterus Plate & Shell, designed and supplied by Kapp, is a perfect fit for this application. The compact size, its strength and the durable plate pack are responsible for this fit. Due to the welded plate pack (no gaskets) leakage is not an issue. This is a big plus, especially for (unmanned) platforms. The client is a pioneering company that evolved to be one of the main players for offshore skids. Kapp and this innovative client have been doing business for many, many years. The technical know-how and the support we’re giving ensure they often reach out to us for their projects. Kapp is familiar with the critical circumstances in the oil- and gas industry, therefore: it’s a match made in heaven for our client and Kapp!