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Kelvion introduces new plate NX350M

The data center market is growing rapidly. Operational efficiency, power consumption reduction  and decreasing carbon emissions in facilities are key. The adoption of energy-efficient infrastructure increased considerably in the market. With the new NX350M, Kelvion has developed the right plate for a.o. cooling datacenters: high performance and excellent heat transfer even at low temperature differences. Kapp sees many possibilities for the application of this new plate.

Thanks to its DN350 – 14” connections and plate dimensions of approx. 1,000 mm width and 3,000 mm height, it can be used to build units for thermal outputs in the double-digit megawatt range.  Thin, pressure-resistant, plates with a corrugation depth of only 2.4 mm and a highly turbulent media flow ensure efficient heat transfer. The Optiwave design reinforces this effect by ensuring an exceptionally uniform flow over the entire width of the plate. The NX350M plates are available in stainless steel and titanium. There is also a choice of corrugation angles to suit the operating conditions. Other features of the new plate include compatibility with NT universal racks, the proven EcoLoc system for perfect fit of the adhesive-free seals or the PosLoc design that automatically aligns the plates during assembly.

With the new NX350M, the NX plate series now comprises six different sizes with connection diameters from DN 25 to DN 350. They cover various performance requirements in industry, power supply or data center cooling.

The test unit for NX350M was a 20-ton colossus built by Kelvion. Measuring more than one meter wide, over three meters high and a whopping five meters long, it was assembled from more than 700 plates. The plate development and the prototype were created within a few months. They were built for a full-scale performance measurement with strict requirements and under test conditions that correspond to a later typical application. An output in the 2-digit megawatt range, as requested by the customer, was achieved under all operating conditions. Because the test unit results are incorporated into the characteristics for dimensioning Kelvion heat exchangers, it benefits all Kapp/Kelvion customers.

Source: Kelvion PHE GmbH