Project news

In-line heater for a fertilizer manufacturer

We previously wrote about our new partnership with Thermon! To reiterate that; We recently delivered a small electric in-line heater to a fertilizer manufacturer.

Kapp was asked to design and supply a drycooler for cooling the process water in our client’s production facility. The client also asked what they had to consider during wintertime. In cold conditions, the copper pipes in this drycooler could freeze when fluid is stationary; constant circulation would not be sufficient to prevent freezing. Therefore, we also provided this customer with a small electric inline heater, intended for auxiliary heating. A 10-kW heater provides sufficient protection up to temperatures of -15°C. Both the drycooler and the electric heater will be installed this quarter. If the coming winter is anything like the last, the heater will undoubtedly come to use. 

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