Project news

Here to teach, here to learn!

The Flow Center of Excellence(FCoE), A platform to facilitate and support innovation and education approached Kapp with the request for assistance in further developing their installation. Earlier this year, we supplied them with a plate heat exchanger. Starting this week, FCoE is commencing the connection and testing of the complete TCU skid for the development of novel control algorithms.

FCoE provides easy access to unique, safe, and “real-life like” installations to facilitate companies and educational institutions in their activities, such as calibration, testing, (product) training, and education. The XCaliber flow-loop is a water-loop built based on the example of EuroLoop, the largest and most accurate calibration facility for high-pressure oil and gas meters in the world. Kapp supplied a Kelvion Plate & Frame heat exchanger for a new heat transfer loop in the existing setup.

The heat exchanger sits in a new loop of the XCaliber setup and provides a solution for effective temperature control. Previously there was a small brazed heat exchanger here, but it proved inadequate for proper temperature control. We selected and delivered a Plate & Frame heat exchanger with a larger heat exchange surface area, fully dismountable and scalable. We chose this type partly because it offers numerous possibilities in the area of education and simulation, since the heat exchanger can be viewed not only from the outside, but also from the inside. By varying the number of plates in the heat exchanger, the effect on the installation can be simulated and determined. And it allows FCoE to simulate fouling in the plate heat exchanger to determine the effects on heat transfer in practice.

FCoE is pleased to make the TCU available to students for education and innovation and expects to facilitate students in it from the beginning of 2024. The aim is to conduct more in-depth testing with them and design new innovative control algorithms. Earlier this year, during the TechnoHubDay in January 2023, FCoE showcased the heat exchanger to its visitors. In late February this year, Kapp delivered and installed an additional package of heat exchanger plates for the expansion of this heat exchanger.

Kapp stands by for FCoE questions and comments. Kevin (Project Engineer at Kapp) mentioned that he found the project interesting for multiple reasons: “Not only are we assisting FCoE in expanding their installation, but we also gain new insights from students who optimize the system by empirically testing the very latest algorithms.” We can’t say it enough: “We’re here to teach, here to learn.”