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Heat exchanger for a popsicle factory!

As soon as the temperatures rise, everyone goes in search of ways to stay hydrated and keep cool. If you ask us… it means time for popsicle’s. That is why we were immediately enthusiastic when we received a request from an popsicle factory in the Netherlands. A Kelvion plate heat exchanger was the solution.

The popsicle manufacturer was looking for a replacement for their current cooling system which, with all due respect, was quite old-fashioned. The old installation consisted of more than 500 meters of welded copper pipes in a large water basin. Tap water was used for the cooling. The client did not look forward to welding another 500 meters of copper pipes and was therefore looking for a better solution. In this case a plate heat exchanger was a perfect alternative. For Kapp, the request was not necessarily a huge challenge, but sometimes the easiest solutions can have a major effect.

Kapp delivered a Kelvion NT50M plate heat exchanger. This heat exchanger was not only much easier to install, the price was also much more favourable for the client. The entire installation looks quite different. The total surface of the installation could be considerably reduced. The factory now not only cools its popsicle’s, but the tap water is also preheated by means of the residual heat. Win-win!

Don´t you feel like eating a popsicle now?