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144 Air preheaters for waste-to-energy factory

We cannot function without energy. Our society depends on it. Globally speaking, we still generate most electricity based on fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas. Sustainable alternatives such as solar and wind energy are gaining ever more ground and also the waste-to-energy method is growing rapidly. Kapp received an order for engineering and delivery of 144 heat exchangers for a Waste-to-Energy factory in Asia.

The 144 heat exchangers will serve as air preheaters and can be divided in low pressure (8 bar), medium pressure (24 bar) and high pressure (81 bar) units. Kapp cooperated with Kelvion to fulfil this order. The production location of Kelvion in Poland has over 60 years of experience in the production and delivery of tube bundles and complete modules.

The production of the heat exchangers is progressing smoothly. The first part of the order is completed, packed solidly and seaworthy and transported to Asia in the 4th quarter of 2019. The next batch will be sent before the year ends and the final batch of heat exchangers is expected to follow in the beginning of 2020.

The construction, commissioning and test phase of the entire factory have to be finalised in 2024. After its commissioning, the Waste-to-Energy factory will be processing 3,200 tonnes of mixed municipal waste per day. Of those 3,200 tonnes of waste: