There are two arguments why we should try and save energy as much as we can. The most valuable argument is the environment and its current state. The next argument is hidden in your financial results, which can be dramatically improved by saving energy in your factory. You know that. We know how. Call us.

Tjark de Lange – General Manager:
“We demand from all of our suppliers to support an environmental policy according to the European EMAS process, in relation to the production of heat transfer equipment. Saving energy is core business for heat exchanger manufacturers and designers and it is obvious that we strive for optimum use of heat exchange equipment in order to re-use as much energy as possible.”

Code of Conduct Kapp Nederland B.V.

Kapp Nederland adheres to the principles of social responsibility. Suppliers of goods and services to Kapp Nederland B.V. are also expected to meet these principles and requirements. Moreover, suppliers have to promote the contents of this Code of Conduct and to ensure that their suppliers also comply with them. The principles regarding the responsibility for people and the environment are specified below:

  • Compliance with the laws and regulations of the respective legal system
  • Compliance with human rights
  • Equality of opportunity and equal treatment and no discrimination
  • Freedom of association, the role of the employees’ representatives and trade union rights
  • Free choice of employment and employment contracts of unlimited duration
  • Fair and sufficient remuneration / payment
  • Working hours in compliance with legal and international standards
  • No tolerance for any form of corruption or bribery
  • Support of competence promotion
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Adherence to legal and international standards on environmental protection

5 Green reasons for choosing Kapp Nederland

1. Heat recovery is the first step in the Trias Energetica , we can help you!
2. 100 % recyclable base materials
3. Heat exchangers with small footprint results in less civil work
4. Reduce your CO2 footprint with our smart design
5. Best close approach temperatures