Happy 30th birthday to Vahterus!

A big congratulations to Vahterus from Kapp for their 30th birthday! Our manufacturing partner for Plate & Shell Heat Exchangers, Vahterus, began to develop a completely new type of heat exchanger in the late 1980’s. The aim was to create a new-generation heat exchanger construction that would be suitable for a wide range of applications. This development work resulted in the first fully welded Plate & Shell heat exchanger. In 2020, 30 years later, Vahterus manufactured more than 50,000 Plate & Shell heat exchangers around the world and has more than 300 employees.

Vahterus and Kapp
Vahterus and Kapp are actually like brothers, raised together with the same ideas and a similar philosophy. Both carry out the mission to offer the best possible solution for every issue in the field of heat transfer. Because we grew up together, we have learned a lot from each other, and we still do to this day.