Our network, strong as iron

Not only knowledge and experience, but also reliable partners and a strong network… where would we be without them? Kapp represents some of the best manufacturers of Heat Exchangers in the world: Kelvion PHE (previously GEA Ecoflex), Kelvion Brazed PHE (previously GEA WTT), Vahterus, HRS Heat Exchangers, and Kelvion SAS (previously GEA Ergé Spirale). Every manufacturer specialised in a certain type of heat exchanger. This makes us flexible and enables us to compare different type of heat exchangers for your application. That’s how we always provide you the best possible solution.

Why we don’t trade in ready-made solutions?*

If your company is situated outside our immediate reach, we won’t bother sending you spares or components. It is just not necessary. In order to realize our creative solutions, we have the best network of specialists and producers of components worldwide; people who can help both you and us in installing and maintaining your installation, while we monitor the process. We also know your local parts supplier. We can use any brand of components you like only to make it easier for you to keep down your maintenance costs. That means that the design we develop for you, is meant for you only; always with the best possible solution for the best possible price in the back of our minds. That’s the final result that we are aiming for.

*We normally don’t trade in off-the-shelf installations. If we can solve your problem using ready-made products, though, we won’t hesitate.

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