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Kapp can rely on a worldwide network of specialised manufacturers.

Always the best solution.

Kapp is the exclusive representative of Kelvion, Vahterus and HRS Heat Exchangers in the Benelux. This enables us to devise multiple solutions for every question. That way, we can weigh up the benefits and disadvantages of various types of heat exchangers. The customers always get the best answer to their question. Kapp is distinctive on the following points:

Process knowledge

Performance guarantee

Energy saving and CO2 reduction

Quick delivery and short downtime

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Optimal price-performance ratio


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Our brands.

With Kelvion, Kapp can rely on one of the world’s leading manufacturers of welded and soldered heat exchangers, heat exchangers with gaskets and air heat exchangers. Just like Kapp, Kelvion has extensive knowledge of the market. Kelvion excels in the development of new products for a wide range of applications.

With Vahterus, Kapp has the inventor, pioneer and market leader of the Plate & Shell heat exchanger (PSHE) as a partner. The manufacturer focuses on the development and production of these fully welded heat exchangers.

With HRS Group, Kapp has a manufacturer that operates at the forefront of thermal technology. HRS has decades of experience and, in addition to the conventional tube heat exchanger (Shell & Tube), also produces scraped tube heat exchangers for highly polluting or viscous applications.

Thermon develops safe, reliable and innovative heating solutions for mission-critical industrial processes. The American company is active in virtually every industry. Kapp represents Thermon in the Benelux in the field of electrical process heaters.

HTRI is regarded worldwide as the specialist in the field of software for the development and simulation of processes in which heat transfer plays a role. HTRI is one of Kapp’s most important research, knowledge and software partners.

The answer to all the critical factors

Every unique problem requires its own unique solution. There are usually dozens of critical factors that influence the development of thermal and technological design – and the choice of matching components. That is why we like to thoroughly examine the specific situation of our customers. We can thus already give a definitive impression of the effect and savings that this will deliver in practice during the design phase. And if it becomes clear that we can use existing technology, we will do so. We do not complicate matters unnecessarily.