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20 September 2018

Six heat exchangers for geothermal project

A cooperation of several horticulture companies in the Netherlands decided to team up. Together their greenhouses strike a surface of 51 hectare, all growing different crops. The enormous amount of gas they were using for heating greenhouses was the main reason to search for a more sustainable, future-proof solution.

After thorough research in 2010 their location seemed to be very suitable for geothermal heating. Plans emerged when they realized they can have an large impact together. The project started to take form and Kapp got the honour to receive an enquiry for the heat transfer engineering.
One of the challenges for Kapp was the narrow delta T. It starts with finding an estimated break-even point, without even knowing the exact numbers and figures. For this specific project Kapp supplied three @Kelvion NX150 units for 3400 kW each, and two Kelvion NX150 units for 3000 kW each.

Up till now the installation reached a capacity of 10 MW, but they’re aiming for a total capacity of 16 MW in the near future. It would save 22 million m3 of gas, resulting in a reduction of 40 million kg CO2 and 72.000 kg NOx annually. Eventually the idea is to even upgrade to 20 MW.