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Have you ever heard of the HTRI (Heat Transfer Research institute)? We do not blame you if you have not. But for us, heat transfer engineers, the HTRI is a […]

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Warmtewisselaars @ Fladderak

Here you can see a collection of Kelvion plate heat exchangers and spare parts, ready to be packaged seaworthy. We then ship the heat exchangers and plate packages in 2, […]

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Huis te Merwede 2

Every second weekend (Saturday and Sunday) of September The ‘Heritage Days’ take place in the Netherlands. A good reason to tell you a bit about “our neighbors”. Only a stone […]

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At one of our clients, a waste energy company, 99% of the waste supplied is converted into sustainable energy and reusable materials. With this it contributes significantly to a cleaner […]

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Our offices will be open all throughout summer. Do you need advice regarding your project or a quick replacement of your heat exchanger? Or perhaps you have a general question […]

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For over halve a century we’ve extracted oil and gas in The Netherlands. The supplies are not unlimited. That’s why the whole world is searching for sustainable alternatives. For the […]